XO Corrector™

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Goodbye ugly leg curves! Give yourself the straight, shapely, and lovely legs you need with the XO Corrector. There's no longer a need for expensive surgeries or embarrassing braces, painful diets, or tedious leg exercises. Use your XO corrector for up to 2 hours a day and start seeing improvement in as little as a week!

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The XO Correcter™ was specially designed to correct X-legs, O-legs, and Spread legs without hindering walking. It can be used anywhere and everywhere, making it one of the most effective physical therapy products for the treatment of all kinds of leg imbalances. 


- Correct leg curves

- Improve walking posture

- Keep leg muscles balanced and in a straight line

- Bowleggedness, pigeon toes (in-toeing) 

- Out toeing

- Prevent long term joint related problems like arthritis

- Reduce pain resulting from long term in toeing/out toeing 

- reduce pressure put on the joints around the hip/feet/legs