Water Gun For Cement Curing and Cleaning


"This watergun has a variety of uses from cleaning our patio/ driveway to washing our car, its extremely powerful and washes away all the grime with an adjustable spray"- Jeanie Taft.

✪WIDE RANGE OF USE: High Pressure water power gun used for curing and cleaning up concrete, with multiple Spraying Modes for washing your car, watering plants and flowers in your garden and lawn, cleaning the walkway/driveway, cleaning floor/balcony/glass and anywhere that you cannot get close to, even can be used for your pets and dogs' shower, fulfill your different needs for watering and cleaning, just enjoy your fun with washing, cleaning and watering. Use it on built up dirt on wood or aluminum. Can be used vertically or horizontally for greater stability during use.

✪ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERN: Flexible and adjustable water flow goes from fine mist , moderate spray or jet stream by rotating the head of the hose sprayer from left to right. 

✪FITS STANDARD GARDEN HOSES + LEAK-PROOF: Comes with solid connector and it provides a durable and tight seal for eliminate leak.


  • Stainless steel + copper material
  • Color as shown
  • Length Approx. 56 cm/ 22 inches
  • Thread Diameter: 1.5cm/ .59 inch
  • Spraying Distance 15m/ 49ft
  • Water Pressure 25
  • Ball Valve material Copper