How to Treat Neck and Back Pain Naturally

 The majority of people will suffer from neck and back pain at some point in their lives. The pain affecting these areas of the body can flare up quick and be intense. Normally, this pain goes away on its own after a few days or weeks. However, it sometimes lingers for longer, at which point it becomes chronic pain.

If you are experiencing acute neck and back pain, the following treatment methods are natural ways to alleviate that pain.

Ice It, Then Heat It

Both ice and heat will reduce the pain you feel in your neck and back. As a general rule, apply ice throughout the first 48 hours since you started feeling pain in your neck or back. After that, apply heat. Ice will reduce the swelling and inflammation. After 48 hours, it loses its effectiveness, which is why you switch over to heat. This will increase the blood flow deep into the area and relax your muscles.


You may have success massaging your neck, but if you are experiencing back pain, you will need a willing helper. Massage will help loosen and stretch any tight muscles or ligaments you have that may have contributed to you feeling pain in your neck and back.

Stretch & Move

Moving your body will be more helpful in relieving neck and back pain than resting. You should be moving your muscles and joints beyond the point where you start feeling restriction. Stretch out your muscles to loosen them up. There are plenty of neck and back stretches you can do to release the tension in those areas.

Change Your Shoes

Your neck and back pain may come from something as seemingly-unrelated as the shoes you normally wear. If your shoes do not fit or offer any support, you could be straining the muscles in your neck and back. High heels are a common cause of back pain in women. Wearing flat shoes can also contribute to neck and back pain. If your pain is because of improper shoes, switching them out for a pair that support your feet may be all it takes to get rid of your pain.

Supportive Pillow and Bed

If you wake up with pain in your neck and back, the culprit is probably your bed and pillow. You need to have proper alignment while you are asleep, otherwise you will wake up in pain. Your pillow needs to be supportive enough to keep your neck and back straight. If you sleep on your side, you should put an extra pillow between your legs.


Thanks to its combination of deep breathing and stretching postures, yoga can help relax your body and stretch out your tight muscles.

Wrapping Up

If you try out these methods of relieving neck and back pain, you should have no problem getting rid of acute pain. Muscles get tight sometimes, which leads to pain, especially in the neck and back. If you ever feel pain in these areas, you can now do something safe and effective about it.

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